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tv   Action News at 5PM  ABC  February 29, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm EST

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we printed out a version of a practice test. you can see it's an excerpt from king arthur. they have to prove they understand the concepts from the story. not all parents want their kids to take the test. >> last years with fsa testing, there was a lot of confusion, a test. >> reporter: he says this year test. >> it lacked credibility. >> reporter: but the department of education is trying to win back that trust. they say they have beefed up security and there's less of a chance students will be kicked out. they will get a delete warning and can see previous saved
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>> the expectation is that students sit for the assessment. >> reporter: the district says it's in students' best interest to take the test. >> we don't condone the optout. i believe personally sometimes it singles kids out. >> reporter: also opting out could impact a school's funding. at least 95% of the school's students need to take the test to get a grade. money goes toward books, supplies and more. while the district doesn't want them to opt out, it is their right. >> we will follow our procedures, and whatever a parent tells their child to do, that's between them and their child.
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all the way through may. and if the child stays home on a testing day, that is an unexcused absence. tonight we know the name of a man who died after slamming into an overpass in pinellas park. investigators believe 60-year- old michael hestor was driving when he slammed into a bridge. pregnant women have the highest risk for zika virus. there are three confirmed cases
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are all travel related. good afternoon, everybody. started off on the cool side with saturday and sunday. today warmed up, the radar is rain-free as temperatures continue to climb. along the immediate coastline, cloudy and cooler because the water temp is still in the lower 60s. across the rest of the area, especially east of i-75, we're back in the mid-70s. it's warmer now this time than it was yesterday and that trend will continue for tuesday. morning. how that could impact your forecast, coming up. you could soon have more prescriptions. a bill is working through the state legislature to allow nurse practitioners and
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prescriptions for some drugs they cannot right now. many experts say it's about time. >> reporter: narcotics like oxycodone? >> a lot of those medications unfortunately i can't prescribe. i have to hunt down a physician. >> reporter: i'm looking at the badge here, pa meaning physicians assistant. >> very frustrating. it's heartbreaking to me. change. a bill would let nurse practitioners and assistants substances. >> there's a very good chance
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will join nearly all the other states. >> we are the world center of abuse for those drugs. so whoever is prescribing them has to be carefully educated and the prescription of all those drugs should be carefully monitored. >> reporter: and if this becomes law, he can help people on the spot, something he can't always do now. >> we do the best we can to get the prescription in the hands of the patient but a lot of times my hands are unfortunately tied. a navy seal now holds the nation's highest military honor. president obama awarded the medal of honor to edward byers, part of a raid to save a doctor in afghanistan.
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doctor to prevent him from being shot. >> i understand had one question when ed told her about can come? that's so sweet. yes, mom, you're allowed to come when your son gets the medal of honor. >> he was the second navy seal to enter that building during and killed. it's the biggest day of voting this season tomorrow. more than 1,000 delegates are up for grabs for the democrats, nearly 600 for the republicans. no candidate can officially wrap up the nomination but it could be a major turning point. >> in florida, where he comes from, this guy couldn't be elected dogcatcher.
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minute push before super tuesday. >> we are not going to allow a conartist to take control of the party of lincoln and reagan. >> the only campaign that can beat donald trump is us. >> reporter: reaching voters before the primaries in 12 dates, with more than 1600 delegates at stake. >> i don't think america ever stopped being great. what we need to do now is make america whole. >> we can win the democratic nomination. >> reporter: while on the gop side, trump looks to surge ahead even further, with the latest polls showing 49% of republican voters support him. today he brushed off protestors
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about comments on his endorsement from david duke. >> would you say you condemn them and you don't want their support? >> i have to look at the group. i don't know what group you're talking about. >> reporter: he said he didn't hear the question and has disavowed the group. cruz hopes his constituents will bring him the much-needed win. >> here in florida the primary is march 15th and early voting is underway in hillsborough and polk counties. we have all the locations of early voting here at scroll through to see the hours and places you need to go. four students in ohio are recovering after a 14-year-old student opened fire in the cafeteria.
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bullets and two others hit by shrapnel, all four expected to recover. authorities say they have an idea of the motive and have him in custody. the army staff sergeant accused of killing a police officer in virginia is held tonight without bond. police say ronald hamilton shot and killed his wife and an ficeresponding to his home on saturday, her first day of police patrol. two other officers that day were injured. phillies fans arriving with a big welcome party today at tampa international airport. it's the 70th year for the phillies spring training in
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with the phillies is important to the area. >> throughout the year we get people coming to clearwater and pinellas county. spring training is very important to the entire tampa bay area. making a run to the border, a youth coach from florida behind bars in texas, and why investigators believe there could be more victims. >> and the end of an era in manatee county. the push to keep the history behind this little schoolhouse
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right now a youth basketball coach from florida is behind bars in texas. >> white was a long time coach and hosted sleepovers for the friends. he was arrested friday trying
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he is awaiting extradition to bravard county. manatee county still has a one-room schoolhouse, around since 1930. >> but that's about to change. >> reporter: donna king still comes to work every day loving her job as principal at due wet elementary, the last one-room schoolhouse in florida. >> the country school has something special. >> reporter: she heard about the school and it became her dream to work here. >> has it been the best part of my life. >> reporter: she was ready to retire in 2009 until she learned the district wanted to close the elementary. the community came together,
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to keep the school going. king quietly agreed to come back and has been working here for no salary ever since. >> we are a family. we help each other. >> reporter: now 68 years old, king says she's retiring at the end of the year and the school will close. >> reached a point in my life where i can't work 18 hours a day anymore. i'm sad that the school will close. >> it's going to be really different and it's going to change a lot. >> reporter: the plans for the building aren't known right now. people in the community hope to save its history. >> they are meeting and going to propose to the school board to let them have the building
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you have a relationship with the students that is rare. i'm so thankful that i've had that and could have made a difference in someone's life. the third time was not the charm after space x called off another launch. it was postponed when a ship entered a restricted area, then it was called off. scott kelly is getting ready to come home after spending more than a year in space. he's spent more time in space than any american in history. he'll return to texas on
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great weekend and another beautiful monday. >> the extra day of the year just happened to be a monday. >> but the beach was a beautiful place today. temperatures are cooler along the immediate coastline because of the water temperature. still, that's a beautiful thing. we have more sunshine in store, even though we have two fronts that are coming this way over the next five days. i don't think either will have a huge impact on the weather. looking at a little echoing here and it's got to be a brush fire, because there's no rain out there. a controlled burn more than likely. you can see winds are blowing that smoke north. no reports of any issues.
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little bit. temperatures right now anywhere from the low to mid-70s, everyone a few upper 70s. look at the beach, 68 in largo, 67 in palm harbor because the water temperature is about 63 degrees. temps along the coast are 7 to 9 degrees cooler than the rest of the metro area. tampa 72 right now, st. pete 73, everybody reporting a lot of sunshine. the winds are coming in off the gulf. there's a chance we could get fog. we were 58 this morning and we did have the clouds overnight, acting like that blanket to keep temperatures up. once the sun came up, we had a
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we are tracking a front. two, actually. maybe a slight chance for a bit of fog, tomorrow morning with a chance. most of tuesday looks very nice. by late tuesday night into wednesday, there's the front. by wednesday morning, it's coming right on through. if it had been like every other storms. there won't be much with this. i think 90% of the area stays dry. back behind it, nice with clear skies. looking at the overall totals through wednesday, european models not showing any rain. a secondary system could give
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forecast highs on tuesday right back where we were, maybe a couple degrees warmer. still relatively cool along the beach. east of i-75, we're closer to 80. dade city 79 for the forecast high. wednesday some changes as that front comes through. seas a couple feet offshore, looking good on tuesday. sunny, topping out at 76. with the seven-day forecast, rain chances, 10% on wednesday. the front comes through. this is not a blast of cold air. we stayed through the 70s not just for the workweek but into the weekend, saturday and sunday both nice days. i don't know how i'm going
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>> a single father killed by a speeding car. coming up, why the woman charged in his death shouldn't have been behind the wheel in the first place. >> reporter: imagine losing your home only over $75. it's happening, and in some
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a judge in orlando denied bond for a woman who hit and delivery driver. the single father of a 2 and a half-year-old girl was at the end of his first shift delivering pizzas for domino's when he was hit.
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trying to pull her over for speeding. turns out she shouldn't have been behind the wheel of the vehicle. >> she ran from the cops before and didn't get away. now she was running again. and she killed somebody. she showed no remorse, no remorse. she got a couple scratches and my son is gone. i want her to be in jail for the rest of her life. >> she was driving on a suspended license, now charged with vehicular homicide. she's scheduled to go to trial in april on previous charges. coming up, an accused rapist on the run, wanted in the bay area tonight. >> threw me back 30 feet into a ditch. >> from the front lines to the web, how wounded warriors are
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now at 5:30, police want you to share this picture on social media because this man may be on the run and out of the tampa bay area. >> reporter: deputies want you to look at the man seen here. they say 41-year-old david dean knew his victims and they are calling his crimes extremely violent. there are three felony warrants for his arrest for sexual battery and strangulation. his family declined to comment to us.
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him since thursday and if you see him, don't approach him, just call 911. >> we don't know what he's going to do. we just don't know. so someone who could commit a crime like this is a violent person. >> reporter: he was last seen in a 2007 suzuki forenza. deputies say he may be attempting to travel out of town to see friends and family. a new effort to keep you safe on the beach is popping up. the pinellas county parks department put out a lot of signs to warn people about the dangers of rip currents.


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